Disc Rotor


Know-how in choosing the right material and experience in workmanship are crucial factors concerning the quality of brake discs. As a cast iron producer, Asimco has wide-ranging competence when it comes to material too. Asimco applies a number of casts, many of which are enriched with alloy components such as molybdenum, copper, chrome, titanium, etc. In practice, Asimco brake discs stand out with:

  • High thermal diffusivity
  • Low thermoelectric voltage
  • High resistance to thermal tears
  • Optimal dampening properties

Asimco brake discs are the first choice when it comes to preventing brake vibrations or annoying squeals.


Thanks to its own production of brake discs, Asimco has enhanced its brake competence. As an expert in terms of brake disc fabrication, Asimco stands out with its own research, development and production capabilities. The trade thus benefits from:

  • Casting and manufacturing tolerances of OE quality
  • Individual research and development using cutting-edge machines and test procedures (e.g. spectral analysis, metallurgical examinations, dynamometer test benches)
  • Wide product range with the highest proportion of high-carbon discs
  • Set of screws accompanying many brake discs ensures a fast and safe repair
  • Coated brake discs provide corrosion resistance
  • 2000 articles cover almost the complete market
  • Vehicle-specific solutions

Disc Rotor for car manufacturers below are available

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